Hereditary diseases inherent in the breed of dogs Italian Cane Corso

Hereditary diseases inherent in the breed of dogs Italian Cane Corso

Every nation – its history. In dog “people” also has its own list of victories and defeats. And each breed of the individual list.

Undoubtedly, the hereditary anomaly among the victories did not carry.

In fact, the “calling card” of some breeds – a strange, unusual external features of animals, the lion’s share of these changes arose originally just like a genetic mutation, a deviation from the norm.

Other “lovely strangeness” (in terms of genetics) became the “side effect” of the long selection when creating rocks and even then got love from admirers of beauty.

But not everyone is genetically determined characteristics are safe from the point of view of animal health – such as Bryl boxers, flat face the Japanese Chin, short legs and elongated body in a taxi.

There is even less harmless mutations that except hereditary pathology can not be called. Thoroughbred owners of such deviations do not allow not only for exhibitions, but also in general for breeding.


Italian cane corso

This breed is a perfect home guards fell in love with dog breeders in recent decades, not only abroad but also in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. It has an interesting and unique features.

Italian Cane Corso is very beautiful and elegant. His finest intelligence, amazing sensitivity, and at the same time – the strength and endurance, make it a truly real, loyal friend.

But the disease can not be avoided, and the representatives of this wonderful breed. Including hereditary.

Corso hereditary disease

In fact, the genetic abnormalities in the Cane Corso much, and is still not understood. Fortunately, one animal meets a limited number of deviations of all existing in the rock.

It is important to remember those who pose a threat to the health of dogs, and at the same time lead to the disqualification of exhibitions:

• Violations of the dental system – missing teeth, undershot, overshot.

At first glance, these anomalies are very unpleasant only from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, everything is much more serious. During their appearance meets a large number of different genes.

Their “joint work” generates several vital systems in the body. And the violation of one of them, as a litmus test, reflects the failure of all the others.

That is why the problem of the state of the dental system in dogs is very serious. For example, it is closely related with occurrence of cryptorchidism (undescended testicles).

In the Italian Cane Corso is one of the most pressing issues;

• tailless and pinches the tail.

The first deviation – this is definitely a disqualifying fault, the external effects of the second simple fix. But in this case, everything is pretty easy.

spine development also involves the work of a large amount of hereditary mechanisms.

They are also responsible for the activities of the higher nervous system, which can hardly be called perfect in a situation where its main “repository” – vertebrae – is so serious deviations. They speak volumes;

• mental disorders – perevozbudimost or, conversely, block.

For such brave “guardian of order” and responsible “bodyguard”, what is the Cane Corso, this is simply not acceptable.

The first disadvantage of the border of the aggressiveness, the second – cowardice. After centuries of breeding honed best “traits” of the famous Italian.

Meanwhile, as it formed and why disrupted this delicate sphere – the great mystery of heredity … Genetic science has gathered a lot of new information in this area, but unanswered questions remain not less;

• hemophilia.

Incoagulability blood – a complex genetic disease that brings a lot of suffering and the animal and its owner.

Meanwhile, the hereditary mechanism of its formation from the point of view of science is very simple: it is responsible for only one gene. A “reward” their children with this serious problem exclusively by their mother;

• umbilical hernia.

This anomaly, compared with systemic diseases of the body, the most “gentle” and its effects are eliminated in a conventional manner in a veterinary clinic.

Hereditary diseases that are most common in breeds of dogs Italian Cane Corso, simultaneously affect many body functions.

Systemic treatment of mental disorders, metabolism carried out by qualified experts conventional veterinary methods.

Most of the anomalies, such as the creases of the tail, cryptorchidism, hernia, dewclaws, is easily removed surgically.

A thoughtful selection of parental pairs of dogs, you can avoid almost any inherited disorders in puppies.

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