Hair Removal in Dogs

Hair Removal in Dogs

All dogs do exchange by and for short (which need not be clipped) lose much more ……

The short races like Pinscher , Wippet , Beagle , Fox Paulistinha , Weimaraner , Pointer , Pug , Labrador among others lose a lot by.

Races by the partially long and has a sub by dense as German Shepherd, Husky Siberano, Chow Chow, Akita and Samoyed also lose quite by.

Amazingly the races that will give less work with the fall are those of the long and need to be shorn regularly as it has by continuous growth. Poodle, Maltes, Yorkshire, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Bichon Bichom are examples of dogs that just do not lose by at any time of year.

Usually all races are two seasonal changes (twice a year, by changing the winter and the summer). These exchanges should occur in spring and autumn. We live in a tropical country where the seasons are not well defined they lose at the whole year , but you should notice an increase in intensity in April / May and September / October.

In such cases of seasonal changes the animal does not fail, itching or sores on the skin. As the eldest by will fall by the new of the new season is already replacing the spaces and so see no fault in the coat.

Other causes of the exchange can be for stress , some systemic disease, malnutrition or improper diet , skin infections by parasites (fleas and ticks that induce itch) or even bacterial infections, mites and fungi. In all these cases the animal will present some failure by localized or generalized.

When the exchange is seasonal (regular), weekly baths and brushing daily can help streamlining the exchange and by reducing the time for this to occur.

So when you opt for a pet where the presence of the the house may annoy or even trigger allergy cases, try to give preference to animals that need to be clipped (by the long continuous growth). Despite giving more work in coat maintenance with brushings and tosas frequently, you’ll notice much less scattered by the house and stuck on the sofas and clothes … ..

With cats , we can consider that all lost by the year. What can happen is that because to clean up and lick constantly in their daily hygiene, we can see by the house less in some cases. Ai the problem happens to be the famous ” by the balls ” ….


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