Feeding dogs and cats

Feeding dogs and cats 

balanced diet is the first step, but the most important for growth and perfect development for all animal species. With our dogs and cats is no different.

In all species of mammals,  breastfeeding is unique and complete source of energy and immunity to the beginning of a healthy life. In dogs and cats this quiet period ends at around 30 days old. From then offer food as a source of energy no longer depends exclusively female mother. You must get it!

The domestication of dogs and cats transferred this task for us humans. Gone hunting, came the food supply. Time was, when we needed to prepare the food of our pets. Also was the time when the cats hunt small birds and rodents free the yards. Today we find a  supply and availability of processed foods than ever in another time it occurred. Affordable, quality and variety are now a constant throughout Brazil.

Much is invested in developing the best food based on technical and biological knowledge, seeking to meet all the needs of different ages, races and features of our beloved pets.

Health begins in the mouth. Always ! And it would be no different with our best friends. In addition to the multitude of products, there are different forms of presentation: Dry, semiúmidas and wet feeding.

The dry feed is stiffer feed with a moisture content less than 10%. It is a type of food having a durability for storage, precisely due to the lower moisture.

The feed is softer semiúmida with a moisture content around 20%.

Wet canned rations are that although a balanced food, does not replace the dry feed and should be offered as a supplement, since it is composed on average of 75% water and only 25% dry matter. Thus would have to be offered a much larger amount to meet the nutritional requirements of your pet. It is extremely palatable, but deteriorates rapidly at room temperature.

Importantly,  energy dog needs vary with your agesize and race . Today we can offer the proper diet for growing puppies, maintenance of adult animals and senile and also to animals with differences in relation to the growth rate and aging, very different to those of small, medium, large and giant.

Subject to these differences and particularities, the dry feed fulfills its nutritional role , while also helping to preserve the oral health where chewing and friction help to clean the teeth of dogs and cats, removing debris, tartar and consequently bad breath and also massaging the gums.

All this muscle work involved in chewing is essential for the maintenance of oral health, since the animal no longer hunt and grind their prey. So dry food fulfills that role more efficiently than semiúmido and canned.

Many owners also feed the pets comfortable with a dry product and do not care about the burden on consumption. However, with the manufacture of high quality, palatability and high energy density, a smaller volume of the product it is necessary to feed the animals. In this case  the supply must be controlled to avoid overweight .

Despite the durability to storage without losing its nutritional qualities, we should buy small portions of dry food so they do not lose the odor and palatability after opening the package. thus we suggest yet maintain a small portion enough for 2 or 3 days in a closed container (can be plastic containers with a lid) and leave the rest in the properly sealed original packaging (with adhesive tape) and stored in a dry environment and protected from light ( wardrobe). This avoids always open the package to provide the daily food to the animal thus maintaining their nutritional and palatability characteristics.

The supply of  food at fixed times also helps that the food is exposed all day in the bowl of your dog or cat, losing smell, palatability and often spoiling, especially in the hottest days of summer. This also helps to control the volume ingested daily, once you know if the animal is eating or not the food offered.

Besides all these advantages, today the food industry has developed  products also considering the characteristics of animal feces . Feces drier, less firm and strong smell , are possible when fed with dry ration, easy cleaning and handling.

Quality of life, longevity and a healthy relationship between humans and their domestic animals are now also possible by the availability and quality of food offered to our friends.

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