Exotic Shorthair Cat: Features of Inheritance of Anomalies

Exotic Shorthair Cat: Features of Inheritance of Anomalies

In this animal, in fact, a lot of unusual since the origin. 9304675377_be70f6e7a8_zExotic Shorthair cat – the fruit of “feline friendship of peoples”: Russian, an American and two Asian.

From the world of hairs

From the Persian cat that got Exotic skeleton strength and all variants of color. From the Russian Blue and the Burmese cats – silky, wonderfully gentle quality wool.

From the American Shorthair – as wool length and, for the most part, the name of the breed.

The same extraordinary metamorphosis occurred with the character of these lovely, charming hybrids. They surpassed their Persian ancestors not only the mind, diplomacy, gentleness.

Surprise and delight the extraordinary vitality, playfulness, curiosity, inherent short-haired cat, affectionate devotion, and incomparable exotic.

And the beauty and charm of their ancestors gave generously of all breeds.

Every day is not Sunday

But not only the shorthair gene and soft “plush”, along with the overall vitality, strength and ruggedness got exotic cats from their ancestors.

All their genetic abnormalities also passed by inheritance …

Touching, snub-nosed face with exotic expression childlike hides incredible patience, and stability. They much is not easy.

And shortness of breath, a legacy of the Persians, with every movement of air encounters an obstacle in the form of restricted nasal passages.

And various inflammatory processes in nasal and eye unsafe chronic respiratory disease.

And even difficulty in feeding, when dealing with liquid food that falls not only in the mouth but also in the nose.

To some extent these difficulties have to be taken for granted because they are caused by the peculiarities of the anatomical structure inherent in the breed.

But in difficult situations it is necessary to actively help the animals, having recourse to the veterinarians.

Careful examination and prescribed preventive and curative procedures are usually completely eliminate all negative consequences of diseases.10651413696_448519c0ab_z

Features of inheritance anomalies in exotics

This synthetic rock, as a complex intricate mosaic absorbed and genetic abnormalities that occur in each of its component parts.

Least of all the trouble taken to their descendants Russian blue cats and American Shorthair.

Representatives of these ancient natural breeds, fortunately, not too burdened by specific genetic load.

Therefore, they gave only a few exotics widespread hereditary disease. Basically, various skeletal abnormalities: creases tail, cleft palate and an uneven bite.

As well as heart disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, causing the death of the kittens in the early period of life.

But the Asian plume of genetic diseases is much more extensive. It also includes anatomical abnormalities in the form of a lethal syndrome flattening of the chest, polydactyly, skew facial bones, all the same cleft palate and an uneven bite.

In addition, exotic Persian gave a spectrum of inherited diseases of the visual system, such as:

• progressive atrophy of the retina.

For 3-4 months there is a gradual destruction with the onset of blindness;

• volvulus century.

Uncomplicated surgery further prevents twisting inside the lid margin;

• excessive tearing (epiphora kongenitelnaya).

It is easy to get rid of its effects, dark under-eye tracks on cat fur, rubbing the traces of a specially designed tool from stains.

Latest tips and tricks

Exotics problems associated with the breed characteristics, can and should be avoided. The most affordable and necessary – not to aggravate the situation breeding extreme.

When choosing a pet you need to pay special attention to the external features of his parents. To add up and they did not cause physical suffering “superpersa”.

The same criterion should be applied when choosing a pair for your pet. For example, do not take him to the animal, which is very different in the structure of the cranial and facial skeleton.

Most of these anomalies generated by recessive genes, the most insidious and secretive. they often cause lethal disease in kittens whose parents apparently completely healthy.

The main weapon against these diseases – the maximum awareness of the relatives of your future pet. And only the choice of the litter with a “clean history”.

Dominant inheritance is characteristic only of polydactyly and lethal disease – primary endocardial fibroelastosis.

Fighting them is very simple: do not allow the carriers to the breeding – to a greater or lesser extent, they are transmitted to all generations.

Manifestations of some anomalies eliminated specially selected diet. Only in a few cases, these animals must be serious medical intervention.

If, to paraphrase a familiar expression, assert that the cat – one man, then it is undoubtedly a question of exotic shorthair.

Fun, balanced, loyal man, with a strong immunity and good health. Happy chatting!

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