Domestic animals and children: what to do and what care to take?

Domestic animals and children: what to the care and what to take? 

Dogs and children appear to have been made for each other. In innocence in selflessness, loyalty and how to simplify life ….

Take the case of Luisa and Johnny . The family always had dogs and contact with children happen naturally and without trauma. Of course, the race and the dog’s temperament and influence in this relationship, but the way we set the rules and respect the limitations of the animal and the child are fundamental to providing security to both.

But it’s not always so. Knowing what the right age to have a dog and common sense in the breed choice is fundamental to avoid accidents and injuries.

Generally, as in the case of Luisa and Johnny, the dog already at home and is an adult when the baby is born. In this case we recommend that the child be given to the dog from birth (display only and then assisted physical contacts) so that the dog understands that it is part of the group that poses no risk to family and the dog (loss of hierarchical place it) . The early years are the most difficult because the child may hurt the dog and vice versa, even in the games, as still act on impulse and without liability. Already from 5-7 years of age the child already understands the limits and act more carefully, so accidents are rare.

At that time, if adopting a dog, we recommend dogs according to the available space . Smaller dogs for apartments and larger dogs home with gardens, remembering to choose the company of races that is more docile.

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