Dogs: The ideal races for apartment

Dogs: The ideal apartment for races 

For lovers of dogs, but who live in apartments, it is necessary to adapt the pet to this space. Not all dogs can live in apartments and have several things for this: the size of the animal, the need for exercise and movement in the house, barking by shaking etc. So the Pet Care separated following the ideal breeds for apartment.

– Yorkshire Terrier

– French bulldog

– Pug

– Lhasa Apso

– Poodle

– Maltese

– Shih Tzu

– West Highland White Terrier

– Chihuahua

All are quiet, sweet and affectionate dogs (and relate also great with children), however, most of them require outdoor excursions frequently to avoid idleness or stored energy, after all no pet likes to spend all day locked within the “Appendix”, right?

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