Dogs in the Right Measure

Dogs in the Right Measure 

Just like humans dogs also suffer from obesity and need to get the right amount.The cause of obesity is multifactorial and we have a big role in weight gain of our pets, because besides the food (which is balanced) just giving snacks, fruits and all kinds of food we eat, or worse give the food we did not eat, such as at barbecues where not eat the fat of the meat, but we give our pets . Another factor is when you have more than one animal at home, always will be dominant, and can steal food from other becoming obese.

To diagnose obesity the first step is to take the animal in a consultation with a veterinary endocrinologist to see if the animal is just chubby or if there is a problem that leads to accumulation of weight such as hypothyroidism , pre diabetes, insulin resistance problems and fatty infiltration of the liver.

For this the anger veterinarian order tests such as blood count, cholesterol, triglycerides, thyroid hormones and liver and kidney function. With the tests without changing the vet this able to pass a specific diet and exercise plan for the animal that can add up to physical therapy sessions using aquatic treadmills, dry mat, etc.

All for dogs come in full measure.

The Pet Care is a veterinary hospital 24 hours and has all these services with specialized veterinarians and super competent.

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