Dogs and cats also need to protect themselves from the sun in the summer

Dogs and cats also need to protect Themselves from the sun in the summer 

In an interview with about the care they should have with the pets to the sun in summer.

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Skin problems caused by overexposure to the sun not only affect humans. Like us, animals need some extra care in summer. According to the medical director of the Veterinary and Pet Care Veterinary Hospital in Sao Paulo, Carla Alice Berl, dogs and cats may also have skin cancer . “Generally, the disease occurs in areas without at, as in the belly, on the edge of the ears, nose and around the eyes,” he says.

According to the veterinarian, the occurrence of the disease is higher in whites and bright animals – even those who are not albinos – as well as dogs and cats nose, lip, coxin (pads of the fingers) and pink belly. These animals should not sunbathe , but if exposure is unavoidable you need to use sunscreen in risk areas,” he says.

For this, there are already on the market sunscreens made especially for pets , which are bitter to prevent the animal remove the product with the language. “They work and worth investing. If you opt for human use, prefer liquids and alcohol, “says Carla.

During the tours, a good tip the veterinarian, Silvia Parisi, is to take your pet to walk in cooler times, when the sun is weaker. “Prefer to walk with your dog at times before 11am and after 15h,” says Silvia.


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