Do you know what your pet should eat?

Do you know what your pet shouldnt eat? 



In the last 15-20 years there has been a change in shape and habit of feeding our dogs and cats. If it was based on a home – cooked food and food debris, today we find the power industrialized as rations with different presentations brands and types. Found dry, moist and semi-moist diets.

Feed for puppies , adults, and older animals. Feed light, medicinal feed and more recently rations for the different races and animal sizes. We also have to castrated animals living in apartments (indoor), or animals or athletes playing. What does it all mean????

We can consider that in relation to the different presentations we have to follow certain criteria described below:

Select feed according to age:

– Young;
– Adult (from 12 months on average) and;
– Senior or old (from 7 years on average).

– Choose according to the animal’s size:

– Small;

– Medium
– Large , or Giant.

Choose according to employees nutrients:

– Standard and Economy : Products with extremely simple formulations containing minimum nutritional levels, low quality ingredients and the need for consumption of high amounts, as the utilization level is low the animal needs to eat a lot of food. It contains colorings, flavorings and artificial palatalizing. In this category the difference is a low cost product.

– Premium:
Feed with the possibility of the presence of vegetable protein, and containing dyes, preservatives and tested flavors. Find more complete formulations, better quality, more appropriate nutritional levels and additional, specific benefits for skin and hair,

– Super Premium : Formulated with 100% protein of animal origin (prime meat chicken, red meat or sheep), high digestibility, with natural preservatives and contains no dyes or palatalizing. Are the best and most complete feeds, with the best Matter’d materials and offering benefits beyond good nutrition, such as extra care in the prevention and treatment of diseases. They are more concentrated foods and high utilization that require a lower daily intake. The animals that ingest food produce such a lower stool volume. They are the most expensive feed.


The medicinal feed should be used only under prescription of the veterinarian and should not be given for long periods, it can cause nutritional deficiencies because of specific indications.

The remaining formulations as indicated for different breeds of the same age categories (similar size) follow marketing and sales appeal trends, causing the owner to identify your animal in that package. Typically offer little nutritional differences than those based on the above descriptions.

We can also say that the rations have several advantages regarding homemade diet as:

– Top Value.

– Formulation 100% balanced.

– High quality protein and biological value (Super Premium)

– Good digestibility, providing firmer stools and small volume.

– High palatability.

Remember that the best person to guide the proper nutrition to your dog and cat will always be the veterinarian . Nutritional guidelines in the Veterinary Hospital Pet Care will always be made by our clinicians, based on our technical knowledge.


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