Do dogs feel cold?

Do dogs feel cold? 

With the arrival of autumn and winter, temperatures are usually much lower. And these times are not only human beings who feel cold, but animals too. The sensitivity to heat and cold depends largely on the animal’s coat type. In this case, the short coat dogs are the most affected.

Canines can have very similar symptoms to the human cold, like coughs, sneezing, fever and lack of appetite. You can check if a dog is feeling very cold checking the temperature of your ears (especially the ends). When they are running a fever, his nose is warm and dry.

A very common disease in these stations is kennel cough. Learn more HERE .

To minimize the chances of your pet getting sick, follow some instructions:

– No tose the coat of your pet in the months of autumn and winter

– Decrease the frequency of bathing in winter, especially

– Use warm water to wash it

– At the end of the bath, and dry it

– Avoid giving baths him on cooler days

At dusk, always prepare a warm corner for your pet to sleep. A mat or cloth are great choices to protect it. For dogs who sleep in “houses”, make sure the site is not wet because of rain, for example.

The street dogs also suffer from the cold. However, they are “used” to the environment, have an easier time finding options for warmth.

The dog clothes are necessary? Although some veterinarians indicate protect pets with “clothes”, this use can present some health risks to pets as hyperthermia (elevated body temperature), allergies, mites and bacteria.

long coat animals and overweight do not need the use of clothes, because these two factors alone keep the body warm. little puppies by them, if they are – really – very cold, you can wear moderate clothing. However, the most recommended is that you let the animal free, preparing only a little corner for him at bedtime, avoiding leave it open or humid environments.

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