Do dogs and cats really need a winter outfit?

Of dogs and cats really need a winter outfit? 

Whether winter or summer , always take care to keep our pets safe and comfortable. While in summer we care about hyperthermia (when the dog can not lose heat and can die for it), the Brazilian winter we have to worry about some cold mornings and especially with the drier air.

Our winter, especially in the South Central region is characterized by some cold days, lower temperature dawns and extremely dry air. We do not have sudden drops in temperature, frost or even snow . This requires some care especially in puppies older and animals.

While the puppies up to 6 months of age have some difficulty in keeping the heat (especially newborns) and thus require a shelter or stay inside a hot walks and sometimes one outfit, animals older by loss muscle and fat mass associated with the degenerative joint diseases, suffer greatly from the cold in pain and difficulty walking and on very cold nights can really lose heat and have hypothermia .

Still, we have a few days of cold intense that requires clothes in most animals. Yes we can use clothes especially those dogs of at least dense with Dachshund, Pinscher, Wippets, Fox Paulistinha among others.

Even more hairy races can be chilly and you will realize this on the day when the animal demand become more in bed or even likes to put clothes. Other breeds like Bernese, new earth, Goldem, Shepherds, Saint Bernard, Siberian Husky and others have a dense fur and a layer of fat that already protects against cold and really do not like and do not need clothes.

Keep the animal indoors or in the apartment, put a heated walks and a light outfit the night can be enough for just about the coldest days in winter here in São Paulo and region.

The great problem of our winter is the dry weather , which favors respiratory viruses in cats , the Bordetella (flu Dogs) and distemper in dogs and conjunctivitis in both caused by dust and pollution. The cold weather and cooler mornings makes the animals seek sleep in groups and to agglomerate more like cats and street dogs and it favors the spread of major viruses . The use of hotels on vacation also favors the spread of some diseases mainly from Bordetella (kennel cough).

In addition we face at this time large infestations of ticks that are on dry lawns favorable environment to keep the infestation in animals and thereby transmit serious diseases to dogs as ehrlichiosis and babesiosis and even to people as if spotted fever.

So it is very important to also use preventive against ticks every 30 days in all dogs attending squares, gardens and sites in winter.

As you see the outfit becomes the least concern for the vast majority of dogs and all cats. Our winter requires other concerns .


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