Christmas and New Year holidays? Tips and Care for Your Pet

Christmas and New Year holidays? Tips and Care for Your Pet 

Many accidents happen now in the Christmas and New Year . Rush, get – togethers, barbecues, fireworks, definitely not combine with dogs and cats.

To avoid accidents and spoil the family feast following are some basic recommendations:


– Avoid leftovers offer suppers and barbecues;

– Leave the animals separate local parties. You can police not to give anything for him to eat, but your guests do not;

– Care sweets and foods that are available to the dogs and cats: many steal appetizing and fragrant food and may be intoxicated;

– More careful even with chocolates: they are toxic to dogs;

– Beware of bones and trash parties. May have remains attractive to dogs and cats.


– Make sure your pet has a phobia or fear of fires. If so, you should not be alone;

– If you have to leave alone a television or radio on to distract and not leave anything you can get hurt in a possible escape;

– Watch out for glass doors, windows, balconies, wires, etc .;

– Look leave you with another animal or a person, especially in the New Year, when the fires are more intense.

Heat, Tours and Stay Alone :

– Avoid riding at the hottest times of the day: You may have hyperthermia and burn cushions;

– Keep the shorter hair and make more frequent baths with warm or cold water;

– Avoid stress or let the animal caught in closed or muffled sites;

– Be careful when leaving your pet alone at home, especially if it is puppy, if you have very hot and if you have fireworks nearby. They could get hurt trying to escape, hide or even play by having nothing to do;

Festivals and Celebrations :

– If you have home party with lots of people and food, consider letting her in a separate room, or relative’s house. Much activity and noise can not be good for some dogs and especially for cats;

– One other option is to leave a trusted hotel;

– Noise, drink and loud music late into the night can not be part of the plans of your pet.

A good Christmas and Happy Holidays with great caution and common sense !!!

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