Check-in on Pets

Check-in on Pets 

How old my pet can perform a check-up?

The check-up can be done at any age of your pet, from puppies to older animals. The important thing is to take it to a query and pass the assessment of the veterinary doctor.

In puppies and young animals are performed guidelines vaccination protocols, worming, flea control and ticks, as well as early diagnosis of congenital diseases (those diseases that the animal is born with it). For animals middle-aged to elderly, the importance is related to the prevention or diagnosis of diseases already installed.

What is the frequency of queries?

The frequency of visits to the veterinarian varies according to the age of the animal, however vaccine reinforcements must be performed each year. Thus, even if your pet is young and does not show any disease, you should take him to the vet at least once a year for vaccines. Already in the case of animals over the age of 7, the query should be every 6 months at least.

Tests performed at the check-up

The check up is performed physical examinations with assessment of animal weight (it is obesity or underweight), oral health, temperature, hydration, measuring blood pressure , cardiac and pulmonary evaluation.

Depending on the case, it is necessary to perform some blood tests, such as blood count and biochemical, hormonal tests, X-ray examinations or abdominal ultrasound, in addition to cardiac tests such as electrocardiogram or echocardiogram.

silent diseases

Remember that there are many diseases that are silent and can progress without any clinical sign is noted. Therefore, a more detailed examination and journal is very important in order to ensure that if any disease early, it is treated as soon as possible.

Where check-up?

In all units of the Pet Care we have veterinarians and structure for check-up of your pet. In some cases, the referral is required of it to veterinary specialists, such as dermatologists, eye doctor, oncologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, nutritionist, cardiologist, urologist and nephrotoxicity, feline medicine, neurologist or orthopedist.

Please contact with the Pet Care Unit nearest and schedule the check-up of your pet!

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