Causes and methods of treatment of urinary incontinence in dogs

Causes and methods of treatment of urinary incontinence in dogs

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  • 1 The reasons for the problem
  • 2 Treatment of urination disorders
  • 3 Preventive measures

When the content of the dogs at home may experience various problems related to animal health and urinating natural needs. Often it is thought that dogs incontinence is characteristic only for the elderly and seriously ill animals. But this is not always true.

Suffering from this disease and very young animals. The owners should know what to do if the dog incontinence, and to discern true health problem from the other situations.

He knows exactly how to cure urinary incontinence in domestic dogs, only a veterinarian with extensive experience, so any amateur can only hurt. For adequate treatment is necessary to have an accurate diagnosis and to put it is only possible in a modern veterinary clinic with the corresponding high-tech equipment.

Dog puddle on the carpet

The causes of the problem

Urinary incontinence in dogs – a very broad sense of the term, which is included in too many different concepts. Often, the simple townsfolk understand this term completely not what medical professionals. Therefore, all the reasons why a dog happens incontinence can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Medical origin, associated with the disease, trauma or surgery.
  2. Unrelated to medicine.

Non-medical problems, leading to the fact that the dog urinates involuntarily or does it consciously, but in the wrong places, are as follows:

  • dog is not accustomed to the basic rules of behavior and hygiene. This may be the owners of wine that did not pay attention to the dog and taught her to “do their business” during regular walks;
  • we are talking about a puppy who is not able to regulate their natural desires, and how a good host “brings it all home.” It is fixable and non-critical situation. Fix it can only be the extension of walking and a lot of patience hosts. The main condition of success – not to punish your puppy, or sending e needs he will be firmly associated with the punishment, but then trouble is inevitable;
  • the so-called stress incontinence occurs when a dog was scared. From this it can literally wet oneself as a child. The same situation happens from an uncontrolled tide of emotions, such as when the host returning from a long absence. This is normal, it does not require any correction of the behavior or treatment;
  • hormonal incontinence – a way to mark territory, typical of the majority of predatory mammals. Normally urine is confined to the period of estrus females and male sexual arousal.

dog stand

These reasons are not true incontinence, since it is not caused by abnormalities of the physical nature. Among the problems caused by various diseases and pathologies, enter the following:

  • urinary incontinence after childbirth or surgery. This may be a temporary phenomenon, which will take place on their own, or a serious problem that requires medical or surgical treatment. After surgery, incontinence may occur in dogs caused problems due to diseases such as postoperative complication, resulting in the inflammatory process, or due to medication;
  • involuntary urination caused by spinal injury with partial or complete paralysis of the pelvis and hind limbs;
  • urinary incontinence in older dogs. Elderly dog ​​may suffer sphincter weakness or lethargy bladder, due to which physically can not control the process of urine;
  • congenital abnormality of the urinary tract structure. In this situation, the only way is to carry out the treatment of surgical correction;
  • excessive thirst, leading to abundant use of liquid. It can be caused by different causes, including serious diseases such as diabetes and diabetes insipidus, Cushing’s disease in dogs , chronic renal failure, purulent inflammation of the uterus and some other diseases;
  • cystitis – inflammation of the bladder. It can be caused by overcooling, penetration infections (ascending or descending) of certain medications or inappropriate nutrition, as well as infectious process in the urinary tract;
  • renal dysfunction, ureter and other organs of the urogenital system.

In order to begin to treat the dog, it is necessary to accurately identify the cause of urinary disorders. It is impossible to do it yourself, so you must be sure to take your dog to a veterinary clinic or doctor to call home, if it is impossible to transport.

dog examined by a veterinarian

micturition disorders treatment

How to treat urinary incontinence in dogs, just tell the doctor after the establishment of the correct diagnosis. If we are talking about the injury, pathology or postoperative urinary organs abuse, cure urinary incontinence in dogs can only surgical methods.

Such an operation is performed in veterinary clinics by trained personnel using special equipment. After the intervention of the dog take a very good care and long-term rehabilitation, but a full recovery is possible.

Basically incontinence in dogs, the treatment of which is possible in the home is associated with milder health problems, such as cystitis. Treat it possible for medical scheme, it is important to strictly follow the recommendations, since it is not dolechenny cystitis often leads to relapses, which strongly exhausts the animal and leads to decreased immunity.

In some cases, dogs incontinence does not require specific treatment, for example, if the animal is too emotionally or simply not trained to behave properly. In this situation, the outcome of the case will depend on the hosts. In no case can not punish the dog.

Get rid of bad habits can only caress, aggressively, but not rude forcing the animal to restrain emotions, as well as more frequent and longer vygulivaya it. If the owners can not cope with the dog, do it to help profile specialists – dog handlers engaged in training.

Dog education – a very important point, otherwise life with animals under one roof can become unbearable, and the dog will continue to suffer because of the owners of dissatisfaction. The worst thing you can do is give his friend. Owners need to remember that the behavior of a pet can be corrected, and disease – cure.

Old dog

Urinary incontinence in older dogs treated with hormonal therapy or injections of a tool such as “Duplex”. This facility is considered a tonic, but copes with enuresis. It consists of strychnine nitrate and sodium arsenate, both substances toxic but are used in minimal doses. Independently use these funds can not, because you can destroy your chetverolapogo other.

However, with a doctor’s appointment and his exact observance of such drugs can relieve and sick animals from suffering, and the owners of the need to constantly purchase diapers and clean up the traces of urine. The drug is “Duplex” – the old and proven tool that is widely used for the treatment of enuresis in people.

To try to influence people’s means the disease can be, but rely on the fact that they alone give expression result, it is not necessary. Rather should combine pills and injections using folk remedies as a way to strengthen the immune system and strengthen the body’s defenses.

Sometimes involuntary urine leakage triggered by obesity in the dog. To get rid of the problem, it is enough to lose weight and increase the load by more frequent and long walks, active mobility and games.

Inflammatory diseases of the urinary system bacterial origin are treated by administering a course of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. When the diagnosis of kidney stones or kidney failure in dogs, treatment assigned medicines and special diet with a sharp limitation of the use of special salt and forage. Treatment can be complicated and time-consuming, and the diet – for life.

The most important thing – to choose than to treat, how to do it and what kind of life. All this can only be a veterinarian. Self-medication in this position can be a healthy dog ​​or even life.

Veterinarian listens to dog

preventive measures

Lest incontinence in dogs, the treatment of which can be lengthy and costly, pet owners need to be concerned about compliance with some simple but important rules:

  1. Keep an eye on the health of the dog, for what and how he eats, how often urinates, as conducted at the same time. If something in his demeanor inspires suspicion, without delay, contact the veterinary clinic for help.
  2. If urinary incontinence in dogs is caused by an injury, do not try to treat it yourself. In most cases, these conditions require surgery. If the animal is paralyzed and hopes at least to alleviate her condition not be humane to euthanize an animal than to make him suffer.
  3. Urinary incontinence in older dogs – a common problem, and it should be ready. This problem can be avoided if the deal with pet health all his life. Proper diet and active lifestyle may protect both the dog and its owner from this unpleasant disease.
  4. If problems arise with the urination after surgery in dogs, it may be a temporary phenomenon. Enough to use diapers and use medication prescribed by a veterinarian.
  5. In order to avoid a dog’s urinary incontinence associated with colds and hypothermia, can not allow pets to lie in the open doorway, in drafts and cold floors. If the dog lives outdoors all year round, it should be a good insulation box disguised with a sliding “barn doors” inlet and dense, warm floor. Inside of a dog should be spacious bench, located in a warm and quiet place away from open doors, windows and drafts.
  6. If there urolithiasis in dogs and symptoms related to the involuntary release of urine, then you need as quickly as possible to see a doctor.

The dog, like no other home resident who needs a graduated exercise. This is especially important when it comes to large and vigorous beast, representative office or hunting breeds. Lack of exercise they will necessarily affect health. This trigger obesity, metabolic disorder, which, in turn, gradually leads to problems with the digestion, hormone system and kidney function.

walking the dog

If the kidneys no longer cope with its functions, could not be avoided complications with the work of the excretory system. The animal may start to urinate frequently, and against this background that easily join infection. Develop cystitis, and from it has only one step to incontinence. Thus, a simple unwillingness of owners to run longer with your dog can lead to the development of many very unpleasant disease.

Most of them can be avoided if only to comply with the correct order of the day and food. By the way, for dog owners competent attitude towards their health, too, will be superfluous.

Pet like a child in need of attention, love, affection and care of the owners. Only in this case it is able to avoid serious consequences for the health of the dog, and the presence of disease – successfully cure them.

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