Caring for your mascot during the canopy

Caring for your mascot During the canopy

Tomorrow is the opening of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and perhaps need to take some extra care with your pet. Panic and despair of animals due to fireworks, group celebrations and other noises can result in:

Leakage : The animals become disoriented by the noise and end up fleeing. Keep doors, windows and gates closed.

Animals lost : Identify your pet with your contacts stuck on a leash, in the event of an escape.

Aggressiveness : With noise, stressed animals may become aggressive.

Fights : Avoid fights separating the animals in different rooms.

Burns : Curious Animals can approach fireworks, was badly burned.

Poisoning : Appetizers chosen for the celebration can cause feeding problems in animals.

Allergies : Care to feature your animal during the World Cup, choose comfortable clothes and products for exclusive use in animals.

Accidents : Do not tie your pet in any way, it can hang or arrest while trying to escape.

Prepare a quiet place for your pet feel safe, let it preferably in an environment with soft music or even the TV. Do not forget to leave the lights and check often if he’s okay.

If you have questions, accidents or emergencies, see the veterinarian you trust.

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