Caring for cats: 5 needs of your feline

Caring for cats: 5 needs of your feline

There are many myths surrounding cats, right? Some say that they are not as affectionate as dogs do not like to bathe and are more aloof and independent, but do not be fooled.

Only those who really have a cat knows how they can be docile, attached to the owners and very interested in the routine of those who live in the same place that he – despite the times that likes to be alone and do things on their own.

You are thinking of having a cat, but has many questions about it? You do not know which are the care of cats and afraid of not giving due attention to it? Do not worry!

In today’s post, we will share with you 5 needs of your cat that can not be overlooked.Check out:

1. Ensure the safety of the pet and avoid it to go to the street

First of all, if you are going through your head adopting a cat, the first step to take is to ensure that your home is properly secured to receive it.

Therefore, make sure shelves and furniture are tight, well assembled, it is a good chance that he is curious to climb these locations.Also, it will be necessary to have careful attention to what is spread through the house, as small, toxic or sharp objects, so as to prevent your kitten can get hurt.
However, the most important task to be done before your cat’s reach is put screen on all windows, if possible, including the bathrooms.You may already know that the cat has a hunter’s instinct and often can try to escape and explore different locations.It is essential  not to allow him to do this, it may be hurt by the fall or the dangers of the street.

2. Keep vaccination days

To maintain the health of the pet on time and reduce the chances that he has some disease, one of the greatest care with cats is to follow the vaccination schedule throughout their lives.

When puppy, he will take the multipurpose to complete 60 Days – Reinforced doses will be at 90 and 120 days.This vaccine will be given again every year, with just one dose.Already rabies is given first four months of life and enhanced annually.

3. Take the frequency with the veterinarian

It is very important to take your pet to consult with your veterinarian, because although it seems that everything is fine, it  may be a problem with  asymptomatic. Moreover, this professional can review it more carefully and identify possible genetic problems or issues that a layman can not identify.

The ideal is to make annual visits – enjoy the month of booster vaccines – where the veterinarian may order tests to make sure it is in good shape.

4. Ensure the hygiene of the animal and the house

Cats are hygienic animals and do not like to live in dirty and messy places. Therefore, make sure that his cleaning and his home are always up to date. The indicated is that you:

  • change frequently the  sand  box
  • pass cloth with disinfectant in places where he spends more time
  • bathe at least once a month in the pet
  • cutting the nails of the animal  and make monthly cleaning of the ears.

5. Take a quality food

Talk to your veterinarian and ask to guide you on the  best food  to give your cat. He will know which nutrients should not miss on feeding your cat and what should be done to compensate them.

Also, make a list of all the  foods  they can not eat under any circumstances, such as milk, bread and grapes.

Did you see how it was not necessary to have so much worry before having a cat in your home? Following our care tips cats will not have secret: its going to be very happy, healthy and loved!

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