Care When Choosing a Pet Shop

Care When Choosing a Pet Shop 

Keep your manicured pet is not limited to periodic visits to the vet. The bath, the grooming and other care of the animal hygiene are very important, so that the pet shops are part of the routine of owners, especially those who have no time or space for some more specialized care with your best friend.

But how do you know that the establishment is taking care of your dog or cat properly?

According to Dr. veterinary. Carla Alice Berl director of Pet Care , the first detail to note is the cleanliness of the place. “Notice it is a recommended place if there are white and sterile towels, where professionals accommodate the animals (if the cages are cleaned, for example) and aspects of the employees,” he says.

Ideally see a veterinarian prior to subjecting the pet to any treatment. “Some animals have skin problems and need to be treated by a veterinarian. Some have excess hair in the ears and need to be removed carefully. You need to check if you do not have ear infections because they can be allergic to dust removed by the ears, “says the vet.

Some dogs do not support falling shampoo in his eyes and may develop corneal ulcer. Still others are allergic to perfume. Others do not tolerate nor the laces. Finally, for each animal there is a specification at the time of bathing and grooming.

Dr. Carla also says that the pet shop still needs to be told about what is the best method for trimming the hair . “Many animals are allergic to shearing machine and can only be shorn the scissors,” he says. Because of all these variables, only a doctor can indicate the products and suitable to the animal treatments.

It is the same as the frequency of bathing and other care cleaning. “Everything depends on the breed, coat type, whether living inside or outside the home, if you have any skin problem or caught fleas and ticks.” The smaller animals that live indoors usually take baths biweekly or even weekly. For larger dogs, who have no contact with intimate rooms of the house, the period may be 15 to 30 days. “Excess bath does not hurt, but lack of bath can harm the dog due to excessive bacteria staying on the skin,” said the doctor.

As for the ideal product , it is very rare that the animal develops allergy to soaps used in the pet shop. But keep an eye out to see if the site uses the same products developed for Animal Care. Other annoyances can happen. “Usually he has a skin problem with allergies, bacterial infection, hormonal problems and needs special shampoo.”

So attention back to the hygiene aspects. “Often appearing skin problems by poor sterilization of instruments, generating ringworm in animals. Mange, fleas and ticks are also caught in poorly sanitized establishment, such as in transport cages and cars, “continues the doctor.

Bathing, grooming and nail cutting can be done at home or in the pet shop, but it is important that it be for someone who knows what he’s doing. “Nail dogs, for example, have a vein and has the proper location for cutting, to avoid bleeding” continues.

The veterinarian also has more stressed animals – what more with some cats at bath time – may need to undergo the procedure at home, an environment where they feel safer.

If going to the pet shop is a problem, the doctor advises used the animal slowly. “Choose the first baths and tosas always the first hour of the day available, stick around. Every procedure repeated, the tendency is that they will get used to it. “

Another way to tell if the property is suitable for your pet is to keep an eye on their behavior at home. “When you realize that an animal always comes too stressed or do not like the place you go, try to find another facility where he feels better,” he concludes.

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