Calendar of pregnancy of a dog

Calendar of pregnancy of a dog

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  • First week (0-7 days)
  • second week (days 7-14)
  • Third week (14-21 day)
  • The fourth week (21-28 day)
  • Fifth week (28-35 days)
  • six weeks (35-42 days)
  • The seventh week (42-49 day)
  • Eighth week (49-57 day)
  • nine weeks (57-59 days)
  • The number of litter

Here, finally, the necessary tests are passed, the right partner for females found passed safely conceiving puppies. Now your task – to carefullymonitor the state of health of future mothers, as well as the development of the fetus.

Pregnancy in females on average lasts 60-65 days (9 weeks) from the time of ovulation and fertilization. If the dog is sick, depressed or pregnancy lasts more than 65 days, there is a need for a caesarean section.

To determine the exact date of the beginning of pregnancy to the first day of mating in most cases is problematic. That is why it is advisable to conduct special tests to determine at what point there was a release of an egg from the ovary into the fallopian tube.

A pair of dogs

This is due to the fact that a few days (up to 5) survive in the womb of the female sperm. They have a long way of development – from egg to formed fruit.

To dogs pregnancy was easy and not complicated by some unpleasant moments, it is important to know how the fetus develops week by week. That is why a pregnancy calendar for dogs is becoming a great tool for beginners dog breeders.

The first week (0-7 days)

In this phase, mating, fertilization, pregnancy begins. It is necessary to consider the following points: Do not always ovulate after the first mating. That is why you need to prepare for the test mating, which is carried out 48 hours after the first.

To ascertain whether a female becomes pregnant, it is problematic, so you need to control body temperature. Sometimes the animal, as well as in humans, morning sickness can occur.

It is important to keep an eye on the dog’s health, provide her with good care and high-quality balanced feeding.

The second week (7-14 days)

The embryos are developing rapidly: down into the uterus and embryonic membranes are covered. The cells within the embryo begin to divide. Penetrating into the uterus, the embryos are introduced into its casing and fixed fibers. Formed the placenta ( “Children’s Place”), participated in this process shell and endometrium. Embryos size – about 0.5 mm.

The third week (14-21 days)

Embryos whose size has at least 1 centimeter, actively moving to the uterus and are distributed evenly in it. From the mother’s body through the placenta, they get the nutrients without which normal life is impossible. It begins the next stage of fetal development – formed organs of future puppies, central nervous system, brain, spine, front and rear paws.

It is necessary to exclude the impact of adverse external factors on the expectant mother, as they can also affect the offspring. Vaccinations and other interventions in the female body is not carried out during this period.

18-19 day fruit size has already reached 2 millimeters. Embryos are taking shape of the body inherent in mammals.

Dog lying on the floor

On the 20th day of nuclei size – up to 4 millimeters.

The female may experience mood swings, loss of appetite, swollen breasts. Mindful of the fact that the dog is to provide nutrients not only your body, but also the future offspring, feed it in normal mode, and control appetite.

The fourth week (21-28 day)

Veterinarian and an experienced dog owner can find the fruit with abdominal palpation. In the embryo is the development of eyes, faces take on a familiar shape, the spine becomes stronger. fruit size – up to 1.5 centimeters in length.

In veterinary medicine, this is the period of gestation is considered the most important, as puppies are especially vulnerable to the development of anomalies and damage. The dog should be limited to motor activity, physical exertion. There is a need for a correction of power, additional nutritional supplements are introduced into the diet.

Teats in females grow coarse, may be isolated from the vagina a small amount of clear liquid.

Fifth week (28-35 days)

In this phase there is an increase amount of amniotic fluid, which hinders probing of fruit in the dog stomach. Puppies are not so highly susceptible to developmental abnormalities. They are formed by claws, whiskers and genitals. At 30-32 day embryos size – up to 2 centimeters to 33-34 -. 2.7 cm in body weight was 20 weight% newborn puppies.

33 day delayed or completely closes the sky. If it does not, the puppy is born with a pathology incompatible with life – cleft palate.

Female putting on weight, it is caused by the presence of amniotic fluid and the rapid development of the fruit. The dog must receive proper food, feeding a fractional, small portions. In no case can not give the animal medicines and chemicals, as they will inevitably harm the offspring.

During this period, it is advisable to carry out ultrasound to determine how to develop the future of the offspring, if he has any abnormalities. Ultrasound allows you to set the number of puppies.

US dog

Six weeks (35-42 days)

female stomach is greatly increased in size, and now her pregnancy – an obvious fact to all. With each passing day it will grow. Changes occur in the body of the female: her nipples become larger, changing their tone – it becomes darker.

In this phase, the puppies are shown individual characteristics. pigmentation of the skin forms a coat color. On day 35-39 fetal growth – 3.5 cm, on the 40th day it increased to 5 centimeters.

Number of feeding females increases, but if the dog is hungry, deny it not worth it. Thus it is necessary to avoid overfeeding and excessive weight gain. Reasonable step will be an introduction to multivitamins menu and special food for puppies, but only a veterinarian can say that it will be useful to your dog.

The host can prepare in advance a place where the dog will give birth. It should be warm and comfortable. Expectant mothers should gradually prepare for a cozy place to encourage her desire to rest in it.

Seventh week (42-49 day)

Puppies have been developing smoothly and quickly, at this stage they are already fully formed.

The female sheds heavily, especially in the abdominal area. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, which should not cause concern. Thus the body of the future mother cooked in appearance babies born.

Lure special food for puppies, you can not give, and a female convert to the usual method of feeding, but the food should be hearty, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Eighth week (49-57 day)

During this period, the owner need to be alert, as puppies can be born at any moment. Bone puppies already very strong, teeth are formed, the growth corresponds to the size of newborns. Ultrasound will accurately determine the number of fetuses.

Physical activity, stress, accelerate the process, so it is necessary to surround the future mother with care and attention, to make sure that it is less and move more rested. It is desirable that the puppies We spent a week in the abdomen mother. When the dog is, you can test the puppies as they move in the uterus.

pregnant bitch

The female begins to stand out colostrum from the nipple that is a harbinger of sorts. She’s worried, looking for a comfortable quiet place to give birth, most of the time is standing up only for meals and administration of natural needs.

Nine weeks (57-59 days)

In this phase, muzzle, paws, tail and belly puppies covered soft, lightweight wool. Body and internal organs enter the final stage of formation. As the puppies are quite large, they fill the entire body of the uterus and almost stopped moving.

Dog behaves restless, worried, she tries to dig holes. The owner can expect the first fight and the domestic ward.

The appearance of the long-awaited offspring usually takes place on day 65. We representatives of large breeds delivery may occur earlier – on day 63. An anomaly that does not count.

The owner must ensure that this crucial process all prepared. Dog in anything does not need. Bitch avoid contact and tries to protect itself from the outside world. Feed under duress is not necessary, because the appetite is reduced prior to delivery. The dog must have when she wants it.

Approximation of delivery is determined by the temperature measurements. The normal body temperature of an adult dog, on average – 37-38,9 degrees. 12-24 hours before delivery it to fall by 1-2 degrees. A characteristic feature is the genera rupture of membranes, which are viscous liquid consistency of a light yellow color.

During this period, there is a rupture of corpora lutea, cervical dilatation. Hormonal changes in the body, provoking strengthen uterine contractions and labor. Puppies are born one by one, after a certain period of time. Their bodies are covered with hair, eyes tightly covered.

whelp bitch

litter size

Number of puppies depends on the age and species of animal origin. In miniature dog decorative rocks born only one kid, at their large 15 or more.

Young females give birth and often fruitful. However, when they reach 4 years of age, reproductive function is reduced. First, the number of pups is reduced, and in old age (after 7 years) is reduced as much as possible. A small number of calves (not more than two) due to insufficient uterine contractions due to distontsiey and large fruit size. This is a characteristic of all dogs, regardless of breed.

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