Like us, animals also get sick and, of course, also suffer medical emergencies (cuts, burns, bites …) that require immediate medical intervention. Therefore, and in the same way we do with ourselves, we must prepare a first aid kit that contains the necessary tools to act effectively.

Preparing the kit will take up little time and can get you out of more than a minor trouble and can help you buy time while the vet arrives or the pet is transferred to a veterinary hospital. It is also recommended that, in addition to at home, you have an emergency kit in the car. Below we give you the keys to what a first aid kit for dogs should be and how to use some of the tools.


To make the kit as complete as possible, we recommend incorporating the following elements:

  • Sterile rubber gloves: this is the first thing you have to use to protect both you and your pet from infections.
  • Scissors: use them for short gauze or bandages
  • An antiseptic solution to clean wounds such as soap, alcohol, iodine, hydrogen peroxide
  • Cotton, gauze and bandages
  • Splints to be able to splint
  • Sticking plaster
  • Elastic rubber for turnstiles
  • Thermometer
  • Tweezers

If after putting all the above there is still space, it would be a good idea to introduce a flashlight and batteries, antibacterial ointment, wet wipes, a muzzle, leash, common medicines, eye wash drops and a copy of your pet’s veterinary card.


In order for your dog to become familiar with the medicines and other utensils, it is good to approach the kit, as long as you are alert to not take anything. On the other hand, you should reward him with prizes and applaud his collaborative attitude when taking medications.

Finally, and although it sounds logical, we want to warn you that the most advisable in case of accidents and emergencies is to go to the vet to attend your dog. If this is not possible, you can also follow the instructions of the veterinarian via telephone to act quickly and effectively, so first-hand knowledge in this regard will help you stay calm.

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