And now, what I do???

And now, what I do ??? 

Not only the pain of loss , we still have to decide what we do with the “body” of our beloved pet that has left us.

It is a painful time , but someone has to decide what will be done.

If formerly the animal was buried in backyards and gardens or in those extreme cases disposed of with waste or even deposited in wastelands, today we find some special services that come meet this need, emphasizing that under no circumstances this animal should be dismissed as ” ordinary trash “.

Here in São Paulo and surroundings have a few options:

– To bury in the yard, garden, site or farm. In such cases the owner has to prepare the site, making the proportional pit to Pet size, leaving about 50-80 cm of soil on top and putting before hydrated lime (purchased in building materials houses) in the pit and on ACOVA , to avoid the “odor” attract other animals to spot, especially if you have other dogs that have access to the area.

– Use the Cremation Service of the City of São Paulo . In this case the animals must be sent to clinics and Accredited Veterinary Hospitals in this type of gathering that takes place in some days of the week by a special service for that. These animals are sent to the service incineration (cremation) specific to animals pet, no longer mixed with medical waste as happened a few years ago.

– Use some particular service Cremation or even private Cemeteries animals . These services are private and there are several companies in the market today here in São Paulo and Campinas region (see list below).

Regardless of the religion and faith of the people, we believe that our friends deserve respect and that a correct destination has to be given to them, even to those who believe that the important thing is what was done in life.

In addition to the respect for our colleagues, we have to be careful, because if they are discarded or intended as the trash can run the risk of spreading some diseases, help the proliferation of insects and rodents and thus jeopardize the health of people and other animals, contaminating fountains and even the soil.

Past the pain of loss and these difficult times we have to decide, left the good memories and the certainty that we have done everything in life and that they were truly loved and protected.

After the natural period of mourning comes to nostalgia and perhaps for those people lucky, we feel an uncontrollable urge to start all over again …… and to fill our emptiness with a new “spirit” of light.



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