All about Scottish cat

All about Scottish cat

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  • 1 How does the Scottish Shorthair
  • 2 The nature of the Scottish cat
  • 3 Caring for the Scottish cat breed
  • 4 predisposition to disease

There just does not exist cat breeds. 8763844086_5cab0724d8_zAnd they differ from cronies not only externally, but also in character. Even if we consider the kittens from the same litter, then each will have its own character, temperament. Although there are rocks, which are similar in appearance and character is very soft (Scottish, British cat, for example).

In fact, the Scottish have a kinship with the British. And if you look for them, the apparent similarities in the exterior, though a lot of differences. But the beauties of both breeds have excellent friendly nature, which makes them ideal pets.

How does the Scottish Shorthair

Sam cat attracts affectionate glances of others. It is unlikely that there will be those who remain indifferent, looking at these wonderful huge round enormous eyes.

But, despite the fact that one breed, kittens are the most diverse: with erect ears (Straight) and hanging (fold), short-haired or long-haired same, but from the abundance of colors and do my head spin.

The entire body has a soft smooth features, there is no abrupt transitions from one body part to another. The head is rounded, the neck is very short little, feeling that his head softly “transition” in the trunk. Body width normally should be the same (from the shoulders to the rump). If it is different, then the pet either obesity or exhaustion.

Muzzle the lovely: plump, with chubby cheeks, on the nose there gorbinok. Eyes large, round, and their color must harmonize with the color of skin. They look something like a cat from the movie “Shrek.” Very cute.

But the tabs may be different. Even immediately after the birth, you do not specify, will have a Scottish Fold cat or Scottish Straight. It will take about 5 nedelek. Then the ears either rise or begin to fall, closing the entrance to the ear.

It is believed that the lower down the ears, the more they close the shell, the better. Though some international organizations do not want to recognize the breed – Scottish Fold cat, but pryamouhih recorded without any problems.

However, many European organizations, who do not care what kind of Scottish ears, just to conform to the breed standard.

Scottish Fold may have varying degrees of “lop-eared”: single, double and even triple. And it depends on genetics. The fact that so bent ear edge because of excessive weakness of the cartilage, he just can not hold the ear in a straight condition.

Coat very dense, thick, double coat. Scottish Shorthair resembles something of a stuffed animal, so incredibly cute looks this pet. Colors as wool myriad: purple, white, tiger, marble, gold, spotted, black, blue, red – their list can be long.

The nature of the Scottish cat

No matter who you, scottish fold, or with straight ears, short-haired or long-haired. Her temper gentle, kind, friendly. Pet affectionate, gentle, easy to make friends with children or animals who live with you in the house.

Scottish pryamouhie cat, however, as the fold, very interesting. It fits and watching everything going on. And thanks to its enormous eyes it is something like an owl. Pet is very calm, but sometimes do not run away, stamped (after the Scottish adult cat may weigh about 6 pounds).13223591385_a93563797a_z

Caring for a cat breed Scottish

First, let’s talk about what kind of care requires Scottish pryamouhie cat. Nothing is particularly needed. At least a couple of times a week, spending on fur special comb (with steel teeth), which is suitable for stowing a thick undercoat.

Due to their quiet disposition, good-natured cat Scottish gladly soak while you it scratched.

You need to properly feed. No matter what breed of animal, in any case, the diet must be balanced. Therefore, “the noodle” can not approach to the compilation of the diet.

Decide immediately how and what will feed. Or dry fodder industry or the natural food. No alternate or not recommended to mix different metabolism will deteriorate. And this will be followed urolithiasis, diabetes, obesity and other diseases.

By the way, those who live at home scottish fold, must be very careful! It can not overfeed milk products or to give a lot of mineral supplement with calcium.

Otherwise, tabs are up and meet you in the kitchen one morning hungry Scottish pryamouhie cat. That is so sharply because of feeding your pet will change feature.

But one can not completely rule out the calcium and phosphorus due to the fear that the ears are upright. Without these elements in young kittens will develop rickets, a bone in adult cats become “soft” and very fragile.

Such diseases are called osteomalacia, osteoporosis. A Scottish parturient cat due to calcium deficiency may perish (postnatal eclampsia, characterized by convulsions).

Since some kittens ears hang down, they must be periodically lifted, as it were, “ventilate” ear canal. If necessary, it should be carefully cleaned, but so as not to damage the eardrum and not shove the dirt inside the ear.

If not arrange “periodic ventilation”, that may develop otitis media because of the tab inside the conditions are ideal for the growth of bacteria: warm, humid (if the greenhouse effect).

In any case it is impossible to overfeed. If you are British, Scottish breed of cat is prone to being overweight. There are so-called “heavy” species, which are rapidly gaining weight if diet well balanced and there are a lot of carbohydrates and fats, then your pet will quickly turn into a plush ball, which only will be visible to the eye so the tips of the legs.

Predisposition to disease

In the first place obesity. Will be followed by a metabolic disorder, and there too, and other diseases “of the trailer.” See to it than you feed the animal. Provide him walk, lots of movement.

Often recorded anomalies in the spine (back in the time when the kids in my mother’s tummy). Most often it occurs in mothers fold. Therefore it is impossible that both parents were folds (fold). Otherwise, the probability that the kittens will be born with abnormalities of the hind limbs and spine, extremely high.

If a suitable mating irresponsible, the litter will be kids with curved tails at the base. Once such a kitten grows up, she will start to record compression of the spinal cord, since the wheels due to pathology placed incorrectly.

Kitten can not be helped, and it will have to put to sleep because he felt the wild pain. Less often such problems are only external ugliness, do not cause any discomfort to the animal.

We sometimes fold register otitis. May have Scottish Fold develop diseases associated with joints and bones – osteohondrodistrofiya. It is a genetic disease, so the ears and hanging. But this softness may be not only the ear, but also at other joints and even bones.

If the kitten is too thick and short tail, as well as the joints are inactive, then most likely, it has this genetic disease.

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