All about hair loss in dogs

All about hair loss in dogs

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  • 1 Causes
  • 2 What breeds are more susceptible to
  • 3 main symptoms
  • 4 Diagnostics in the veterinary clinic
  • 5 Methods of treatment and prognosis
  • 6 What to do at home
  • 7 Possible complications
  • 8 Preventive measures and diet

Seasonal shedding dogs almost all breeds – absolutely normal phenomenon. It occurs in the spring, when the body is refreshed and “exempt” from the old hair,lost density and elasticity.

Molting can be prolonged if the animal is hurt or long gone through surgery. Also, the process can be lengthy with a deficit of vitamins in its stern, especially vitamin A and Group B. But when moulting coat can poredet without the appearance of hair loss and inflamed, irritated skin.

If the dog is sensitive to touch, whining, scratching, and her skin was inflamed, with traces of suppuration, scars, dandruff or flaking signs, we are talking about the presence of the disease. And it already requires a visit to the veterinary clinic.

dog inspection

The causes of the disease

If we exclude the natural causes of hair loss, the causes of baldness dog

may be the following:

  1. Violations of hygienic care of animals.
  2. The sharp decline in immunity.
  3. Malnutrition.
  4. Lack of vitamins.
  5. Elderly age.
  6. Metabolic disorders.
  7. Allergies to foods, or from external sources.
  8. Hormonal disruptions.
  9. The presence of worms in the body.
  10. Skin infections of fungal or bacterial origin.
  11. Subcutaneous mites.

Since the causes of hair loss in many, but the symptoms are similar, then reveal the true disease that led to the problem can only veterinarian during the examination of the animal.

Therefore, if a simple molt excluded, and there is reason to suspect the presence of disease, take the dog to the clinic as quickly as possible is necessary.

What breeds are more susceptible to

Sick can absolutely any dog, but more susceptible to hair loss and problems with wool on long-haired dogs and having a fold of skin on the body. It Mastino Napolitano, Bullmastiff, Dogue de Bordeaux, chow chow, shar pei, boxer, bulldog – English and French, pug, chihuahua and some other breeds.

Because of their anatomy large folds of skin can sweat to accumulate infection, inflamed and lead to the development of diseases in which the coat greatly thins or even falls.

The dog is in the yard

The main symptoms

Attentive host will immediately notice that the dog behaves poorly:

  1. Animal restless, can not sleep often slips off, itches, there may whine and whine.
  2. On the skin there are traces of scratching, and the vegetation thins.
  3. In those places, which have been deprived of coat, appear inflamed, swollen areas that may look like inflamed wounds or even sores.
  4. If the affected area is the eye, they can become inflamed, swim appear mucous or purulent discharge.
  5. Most often, these areas of the body are affected: face, armpits, inguinal folds, the genital area, undertail and stomach.
  6. The dog may lose its appetite and do not respond even to a favorite dish or a tasty bone brain.
  7. When you try to examine the sore spot dog becomes aggressive and can even bite a person, including the owner of the property.
  8. In severe cases the skin of the animal temperature rises, it becomes sluggish, apathetic, indifferent, or is even trying to hide in a corner.

Before you take action, it is necessary to pass inspection in the clinic, as is not always the cause of hair loss is skin diseases. Such problems should be treated with the “inside”, and can reveal their doctor.

Diagnostics in the veterinary clinic

An experienced vet can and appearance reveal some typical signs of a disease, but to get an accurate diagnosis will still have to pass the examination and pass the necessary tests.

The first clinic will eliminate mite infestations, fungal and bacterial infections. The cause of hair loss on the dog’s body can be eczema, pyoderma, lack of vitamins or cachexia.

Doctors examine the dog

Wool also actively pours after childbirth and severe or prolonged illness, surgery. During the examination the doctor is required to find out the circumstances of the animal owner.

Only after an accurate diagnosis is made, the vet prescribe the necessary treatment and will choose the right products.

Methods of treatment and prognosis

Owners of affected dogs should be understood that the use of medicines for people can be very dangerous and harmful to the dog. You can use only those drugs that are assigned by a veterinarian, and strictly in the indicated dosage.

Method of treatment and choice of medication depends entirely on the cause of the loss. If the reason is caused by a bacterial infection, the dog will appoint a course of antibiotics. If it affects the dog fungi , lichen or pliers will need to have a profile treatment, which typically includes a course of medicines in and use of ointments, creams or powders externally.

When hormonal disorders doctor can choose the appropriate treatment to correct the condition. Often recurring problems owners are advised to sterilize an animal, to save him from the swings of hormones and avoid relapse hair loss.

In the acute shortage of vitamins you need to adjust the dog menu, saturate it with the necessary materials. In allergy and identify the allergen isolated from his dog. Sometimes hair loss occurs because of excess protein in the diet. In this situation, you must change the diet by cutting the protein and adding a dog eat more vegetables, cereals.

Hair loss around the tail and genitals are often due to the presence of worms. Some of them lay their eggs outside the body: in the soft skin of the genitals and in the folds of the anus. Dog combing these places, in the abrasion becomes infected, there is inflammation and swelling.

Spreading the infection provokes a loss of hair follicles and the hair on the sore spot falls – partly or fully. In this case, the treatment will be twofold. First, you need to spend deworming, eliminating the cause of the itching. Then, the treatment of inflamed skin.

Woman comb dog

Most often settles in scratching a bacterial infection, so the dog is prescribed a course of antibiotics and ointments with them as externally. In most cases, hair loss is possible to quickly deal, the infection goes away and coat grows again – thick, dense and elastic.

Sometimes the owners themselves are the cause of the disease pet. Excessive desire for purity is as harmful as complete disregard for hygiene. If you wash your dog too often, the protective forces of the skin and hair will weaken and will not be able to resist. The hairs become dry and break and the skin – shelled. As a result, hair may appear bare patches and flaking, like dandruff.

To get rid of such a condition is necessary to stop the constant torment the dog wash and use it exclusively for shampoos and other means for the animals, but not aromatic gels for men. Moreover, with a strong dry skin and hair, as well as with hair loss in older dogs, you need to enrich the menu of beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

What to do at home

Treat dog need only a doctor’s appointment, without the initiative. Home sick dog needs to ensure a dry, clean and warm place where it will not disturb anyone. Bedding should be changed regularly, thoroughly wash and iron the iron, if the dog detected the mite or fungal, bacterial infection.

Given medicines as designated veterinarian. Provide quality dog ​​food, clean water, making sure it does not become depressed or have not experienced severe discomfort.

If the animal is combing the wound, he will have to wear special protective collar. Owners will have to carefully deal with treatment of patients with skin areas to achieve faster healing and regrowth of healthy shiny coat.

possible complications

Any disease if untreated or improperly selecting it may be complicated. In the case of skin diseases with infections it threatens the dog spread of the disease up to the general blood poisoning.

Doctor hugs a dog

If the cause of hair loss – food allergy, continue to feed the dog the same food can be fatal. This will lead to the disruption of the internal organs, digestive disorders and dangerous consequences including death.

Extensive destruction coat threatening dog of serious infections and spread them throughout the body.

Prevention and diet

To dog hair always been brilliant and lush, the animal should be kept properly, feed, treat and provide him with a healthy lifestyle.

Competent care, a lot of love, attention to well-being pet, timely visit to the vet, vaccinations on time and received an anthelmintic, getting rid of the fleas will protect the dog from a variety of troubles, including the loss of wool.

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