Alayay is a bewildering puppy

Alayay is a bewildering puppy

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Alabai – a huge dog, from which emanates strength and power. Central Asian Shepherd, having natural selection over thousands of years, received from their ancestors the most prominent fighting and protective qualities. With the proper education of freedom-loving and proud dog will become a loyal friend and a reliable defender, but the content of Alabai requires certain skills and is not suitable for inexperienced dog breeders.

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breed origin

It is believed that the ancestors of the Tibetan Mastiff was Alabais martial Mesopotamian dogs, herding dogs – the oldest Central Asian breed. The end result can be called folk selection, since it was formed over 4 million years in the territory stretching from the Southern Urals to Afghanistan and from China to the Caspian Sea.

Thanks to its excellent protective qualities Alabai has long been used for guard duty, protecting livestock from predators and hunting for animals, sometimes several times their size. Harsh conditions and constant struggle tempered nature of dogs, turning them into brave and intelligent animals that can economize their strength.

Depending on the area of ​​residence, there are several varieties of Central Asian Shepherd. For example, in the Turkmen Alabai, along with the Akhal-Teke horses are considered a national treasure and prohibited to be exported from the country, and in Uzbekistan purebred shepherd called buribasarami, which translated means “Wolfhound”.

Breeding work with ALABAY in the USSR began in the 30s of XX century. Exceptional physical security and the quality of Central Asian Shepherd served as the basis for their use to ensure the safety of public facilities. However, due to the specific features of the breed, in particular, the complexity of the psychology, the idea of ​​mass training had to leave as difficult to implement.

The breed standard

Alabai has an impressive physique, but does not seem awkward. The body is perfectly proportional, harmonious, with the bulk muscles and well developed chest. Dogs are very large: male height at the withers is 75 cm, weight 75-80 kg. Higher settings are permitted and welcome, but only if the proportion of harmonious.

Features of appearance:

  1. The head is large, rectangular shape. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is smooth. Browridges pronounced.
  2. Jaws strong, teeth large, white. Scissor bite.
  3. Thick lips. The lower jaw closes.
  4. Eyes small, deep set, brown. Look confident, alert, dignified.
  5. Ears of medium size, triangular, hanging, cropped. Uncropped not considered a drawback.
  6. Nose always, regardless of color, black.
  7. The housing piece, well developed. The back is straight, broad, long. Belly assembled, lean.
  8. Legs are straight and muscular. Paws heavy, rounded.
  9. thick tail, set high, in most cases docked.
  10. Skin smooth and elastic.

Dog for a walk in the woods

Coat Alabais very dense, thick, there is an abundant undercoat. Length pelage vary: in some individuals, it does not exceed 5 centimeters, others up to 10 cm in the latter case forms mane wool, tow in BTE region, “trousers” on the feet “and fluffy tail..

The most common coat color is red, brindle, gray, black, yellow. The disadvantage are considered brown and blue colors of wool.

Health and typical disease

Central Asian Shepherd differ good health, hereditary diseases they are virtually absent. Life expectancy – 12-15 years. At the mongrel and improved, refined individuals age limit does not exceed 10 years.

In the first three months of puppies, Alabai protected the mother’s immune system. Upon reaching the age of three months of their body becomes vulnerable to viral diseases, as well as a full growing Central Asian Shepherd reach only 2-3 years, pet health should be on closer inspection. Vaccination is carried out on schedule, and in addition to the mandatory vaccinations (rabies, hepatitis, leptospirosis, etc.) recommended additional ALABAY – from parainfluenza, piroplasmosis, infectious tracheobronchitis.

Like all large dogs, the most vulnerable point in Alabais is the musculoskeletal system. Dysplasia of the hip or elbow joints can be either congenital or acquired disease. In adult dogs, especially those living in apartments, it develops due to obesity, lack of physical activity. Other diseases of bones and joints that are diagnosed in the Central Asian sheep-dogs are osteoarthritis, arthritis, myositis.

When the content of Alabai need to take into account that they are prone to overeating, and thus to increased weight gain, which is extremely undesirable. Obesity not only increases the stress on the joints, but also provokes cardiac arrhythmia, myocardial infarction.

By hereditary pathologies inherent ALABAY, include:

  • hypothyroidism – thyroid dysfunction;
  • deformation of addition;
  • missing teeth;
  • glaucoma, cataract.

A dog at the vet

Females often diagnose cryptorchidism – lack of sexual libido. Estrus begins under the standard scheme, but the female does not admit to his dog. If pathology not recognize the time and not to sterilize, then the dog may have a purulent inflammation of the uterus (pyometra). This is a very dangerous disease, which if left untreated, leads to death of the animal.

For bloating Alabai, unlike other members of the larger breeds are not inclined.


Alabai – fearless, proud, dogs do not tolerate abuse. Highly intelligent and respond well to training, as they have for centuries pawned pack instinct. They quietly submit to the man whom the recognized leader, but freedom-loving and independent. It is reasonable to seek the services of a professional dog handlers, who will make out of the dog is not only a reliable guard and watchman, but a companion that can get along with all family members, including young children.

The nature of Alabais complex, requiring a special approach. Bitches cautious and suspicious, they feel the threat of the object, even if it is located. More docile and well aware of the team, but at the same time cunning and try to achieve their own. That is why overindulge shepherd is not necessary, but the talk as an equal, stroke, and other ways to show caring welcome.

Male dogs are brave and reckless, in case of danger are extremely aggressive and can operate without warning. They doubtless “territorialschiki”, and his territory, the yard and the adjacent land is considered inviolable. There are cases when Alabai without warning attacked passers-by, who happened to be on the street. But outside its territory Shepherds do not show aggression, and quite good-natured. But if the animal feels threatened the owner, it will inevitably rush to the offender.

The best conditions of detention for Alabai – cottage, spacious aviary. It is not recommended to put him on a chain, since the Shepherd not tolerate captivity and without being able to move freely, can show aggression.

You can not punish and blame Alabai for no reason! Representatives of this breed vindictive and touchy.

How to choose a puppy

If you decide to purchase Alabai, then it should be done only in luxury nursery. Central Asian Shepherd purebred rare, for the most part it’s a dog, crossed with other breeds, such as Caucasian Shepherd.

In the nursery, the breeder will inform you about the kid’s parents, will give the necessary documents – metric vetpasport surrounding vaccination.

The litter should be no more than 5 puppies, as this significantly reduces the risk of your pet with rickets or some other disease. Choose an active and sociable kid with a good appetite, shiny fur, clear eyes and a moist nose.

puppies of Alabai

If you want to take the biggest puppy, keep in mind that it is more difficult to grow. Watch the counter and gait: the forefoot and the pasterns should be steep, brush – tightly assembled. Splayed fingers point to the weak joints.

At the time of the sale of the ears and the tail should be docked and completely healed.

Some unscrupulous breeders try to convince inexperienced dog owners is that deviations from the standard age-corrected. This is not true, if only we are not talking about minor deviations, such as the nose pigmentation.

Pay for thoroughbred Alabai with a pedigree have between 15,000 and 50,000 rubles, depending on the sex of exterior grade. However, if the issue is with a pedigree is not critical and need a reliable guard of family and property, then you can purchase a puppy for 5000-8000 rubles.

care Features

Alabai do not require special care, but the owner is obliged to perform certain actions, so that the dogs do not have a health problem and it has developed properly.

With Shepherd needs a lot of walking, so it feels a constant need for physical exertion. Per pet need in such a place that it can be easy to pull the leash and not be afraid that it would pose a threat to others.

As well as all domestic dog, Alabai be inspected specialist and the vaccination. Data on vaccination shall be entered in the veterinary certificate. Every six months, carried out de-worming.

Bathe your dog should be as strong wool contamination, in other cases, we can restrict wiping paws after a walk. In the summer, do not deny the pleasure of pet swim in open water – a beneficial effect on the development of the chest muscles. Avoid hypothermia and severe fatigue pet.

Once a week, comb hair comb pet quadruped in moulting period, do it more often. Do not forget to clean his ears and teeth, rubbing his eyes.

With regard to diet, then it must be balanced, include meat, vegetables, cereals. Feed the dog should be twice a day, at one and the same time. Food must always be fresh. Advantageously administered vitamin feeding. If preference is given dry food, it should be premium products.

Dog for a walk

Pros and cons of the breed

Like any other dogs in Alabais have both advantages and disadvantages with which the future owner must be familiar.

To breed advantages include:

  • excellent quality, security and guard;
  • loyalty and devotion;
  • loyalty to children and puppies;
  • simplicity of care;
  • good health;
  • an attractive exterior.


  • stubborn and independent nature;
  • difficulty in training;
  • the need for constant monitoring because of the propensity for aggression.

If you decide to have Central Asian Shepherd, then carefully weigh all the “pros” and “cons”, think about whether you are willing to take on such a huge responsibility?

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