The sterilization is a simple surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia and involves the extraction of the reproductive organs. It is a low risk operation, from which the animal will be fully recovered after a few days.

According to the SPAP (Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants of Madrid) about 400,000 animals are abandoned every year in Spain. In the shelter of the SPAP there are currently 750 animals collected from the street or from owners who, after years, decide to part with them.

Far from reducing the numbers of abandonment of animals, they are maintained and even increase. Revenues no longer only occur in summer, but throughout the year.

The advantages of sterilization in females according to the ANAA (Association Protectoral of Animals and Madrid) are:

  • Elimination of heat, coon what stop staining at home and attract males, also decreasing the anxiety of the animal and disappearing meows and moans in the cats caused by this period.
  • The possibility of mating with the result of unwanted puppies is completely eliminated.
  • Eliminates psudelactations and psychological pregnancies that occur in many females after heat.
  • It avoids uterine infections (pyometra) and ovarian cysts, in addition to reducing the incidence of breast tumors.

The advantages of sterilization in males are:

  • It eliminates the sexual desire of the animal, so it will stop riding other animals or people and will not be anxious and frustrated when it detects a female in heat, also avoiding in many cases the desire to escape and wander away from home, improving in definitive the quality of life of our animal.
  • Urinating the house is reduced or eliminated by aggressiveness towards other males and, especially in the case of cats.
  • It has a positive influence on prostate conditions and other diseases (some skin conditions, etc.).
  • After the operation the animals cease to be fertile, so that the birth of unwanted animals that are likely to be abandoned will be avoided.

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