5 dog care that every owner should have

5 every dog ​​owner care That Should Have

As soon as we started to consider the idea of ​​having a pet, we know it will be necessary to have some specific care.

Walk dogs daily, for instance, it is one of the most important, as well as contributing to him to exercise and spend energy also keeps it develop health problems such as obesity and depression.

In addition, other care the dog will make all the difference to ensure the well-being and his health . You want to know what are they? Then keep reading this post and check out the tips that we separate for you!

5 Important care dog

1 – Keep hygiene dog days

Bathing, grooming, cutting nails, brushing the teeth as well. These are all basic care and should become a habit to keep the hygiene of your dog days.

The ideal frequency for each of these care is:

  • Bath: at least twice a month;
  • Tosa: can be done every 45 – depending on how much the dog, you may need shearing it at a higher frequency in the summer or in periods of the year that are warmer;
  • Cut your nails: they should be cut every seven days or at least twice a month;
  • By brushing: Brushing is very important for the removal of the dead and to keep them soft and shiny. It should be done daily in dogs with very by and twice a week in those who do not have much;
  • Brushing teeth: to prevent your dog develop oral diseases, indicated is that you brush his teeth every day and light to make a monthly brushing the pet shop.

2 – Take time to play

Take daily quality time to your dog in order to build a beautiful friendship between you . This contact between larger dog and the owner is very important for his well-being and to let him always happy and satisfied.

For most busy it is your routine, separate about twenty minutes to perform some games – not counting the time devoted to ride, okay?

Is to seek the ball, teach some trick or command , know that this dedication will do much good to your pet.

3 – Take it regularly to consult with your veterinarian

To make sure that all is well with the health of your dog, make a note on your calendar annual visits to the vet and not only when the pet experience a different behavior or symptom.

During these visits, make sure you take all doubts and catch up on vaccines. If necessary, in addition to physical examination, the veterinarian may order some routine tests. In addition, the older is your dog, the greater the frequency of queries, from annual to biannual.

4 – Ensure high-quality food

The ideal amount of feed and times your dog should be fed will depend on the age, size and race. You can either follow the guidelines given in the feed of the package as well as seek the advice of veterinarian to make sure your friend is having a quality food.

When choosing a diet, give preference for one that has a good cost-effective, that is, that besides having a price in mind, provide the necessary nutrients and pleasing to the dog’s palate.

5 – Put a nameplate

Regardless of the situation, it may be your dog get away one day – either during a tour or because someone left a door of his house open. To feel safe, invest in an identification plate with all necessary contact information.

Currently, it is possible to find nameplates with a QRCode, where just who find it using a mobile device to access online all the data for the dog.

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