The health of our dog depends on maintaining the necessary hygiene habits that depend on us as owners. A complete toilet of your pet includes routines such as brushing the hair, bathing or cutting of nails, which in many cases will prevent undesirable infections. Here we present four fundamental hygiene tasks for dogs to maintain an optimal state of health in the animal and in the people with whom it lives.


Brushing the dog is a routine that should be done regularly to keep his fur clean by removing dead hair, without knots and to grow stronger. This will also bring benefits to our home. Depending on the characteristics of the can you will need to brush your hair every day, especially if it is curly or long. If your dog has short hair with brushing once a week may be enough. It is important that we use an appropriate brush or comb making smooth movements so you do not feel jerks or discomfort. This will create a bond with him not only about hygiene, but he will feel caring and will strengthen the relationship with his owner.


Cleaning the ears to the dog is another highly recommended habit that serves to prevent infections such as otitis. There are specific ear cleaners for dogs that help remove earwax and dirt. The steps you must follow to clean your ears and ears is simple. You can take advantage of the moment of the bath to check dirt or possible parasites in the outer ear. If you have a long-eared dog we advise you to clean them every 15 days.


To cut your dog’s nails is also important to consider their physical characteristics and lifestyle as the exercise you practice. A dog accustomed to long walks will have a greater wear on the nails, but that is not the reason why we should avoid cutting them, just the opposite. We must review them every two weeks, checking that they have the proper length so that they do not suffer discomfort when walking.

To know how to properly cut your dog’s nails you just need patience and your pet feels safe and calm.


As pet owners, we often tend to bathe our dog more often than we should. Although the general recommendation is to do it once a month, everything depends on the lifestyle of our pet, the space where he lives, the breed and other peculiarities. What is certain is that the bath helps to prevent diseases, parasites and infections, and to keep it healthy.

Much is also talked about the most suitable dog shampoo. There are numerous types of shampoo, with a Ph apt to avoid reactions on the skin and adapted for sensitive skin. If you have doubts about which is the best shampoo for your dog we can advise you.

If you do not have an adapted space or you lack time, you can also take it to a canine hairdresser where normally the hairdressers usually check the condition of the nails, ears and fur.

It is fundamental that the animal gets used from puppy to receive this type of care that must be habitual during the whole life of the animal. And you, what do you do to maintain correct hygiene in your dog?

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